Why is my Ecommerce Website not selling

1. Find out if your checkout process has a high abandonment rate

Even if you’ve optimized your site to the best of its ability, it’s still possible for customers to be overwhelmed and give up. Unfortunately, there are many ways that a checkout process can make people feel frustrated or confused – so this is an important area to focus on! You can fix the issue by reducing input fields, simplifying forms, and using short videos that show how your site works! You can also implement one-click checkout, which will dramatically increase conversions.

2. Check if you have social proof signals and customer reviews

Reviews are an important part of customer satisfaction as they give people reassurance that what they’re buying is quality. If someone doesn’t see any reviews on your site, then how do they know whether this is a legitimate company? Get some testimonials from fans who love your products or services so other visitors will feel confident about their decision to buy. You could also offer deals when customers leave feedback after purchasing something – say 50% off if the customer leaves a review.

3. Slow shipping and delivery times

Once someone has made a purchase, don’t forget that it isn’t finalized until after it arrives at their door. In between this period is the shipping time. Customers without a clear understanding of the shipping times may become impatient, which could affect your future conversions and lower interest in the purchase of more products. As anyone would want, getting items delivered to you quickly is a plus.

4. Product is saturated

A saturated product is something that is so widely available to the consumer, that the demand for it lowers. In a broad sense, products on the verge of becoming obsolete are typically oversaturated. To steer clear of oversaturated products, offer unique goods that others don’t have in their stores. Use unique keywords, phrases related to the product but will make you stand out from the rest.

5. Shoppers are abandoning their cart

An abandoned shopping cart is leftover by a customer that failed to complete a purchase. In many cases, they may wish to return to the site but cannot remember the name of it, or have forgotten about the items initially placed in the cart. Use widgets to contact your past shoppers. Such applications will help you to send out emails and notifications to previous visitors, reminding them of what they’re leaving behind. Incentivize this with discounts, special offers, and promotional codes that can only be used on your website.

6. Price or payment options are stopping shoppers from checking out

Shoppers won’t buy your goods if they can find them someplace else at a lower price. E-commerce is highly competitive, with numerous sites selling goods. Take a good look at the prices you’ve given to your products, compare them with other e-commerce sites, and adjust them according to what you think is best. For this to work, it’s useful to put yourself into the shoes of the average consumer. Many have no concern for loyalty to online retailers outside of the major corporations.

7. Your site doesn’t build trust with shoppers

To earn the trust of your visitors, you need great customer service and communication with them when it matters. But that’s certainly not the bulk of it. Untrustworthiness comes from bad experiences when interacting with retailers in the past, suspicious reviews, or lack thereof, and even bad presentation of your website. Sites with an old appearance could be mistaken as dangerous to shoppers.

Use your customer’s contact information to your advantage. Send them emails informing them of shopping tips and suggestions. Place a logo on your sites, one professionally done or created by yourself. Use information graphics in your posts that appear up-to-date. Don’t limit yourself to just one method for them to contact you. Instead, add email, phone, or even a chatbot to help them get answers to questions at any time. These are provable ways for customers to trust your business. It’ll also let them know that you care about keeping up with the latest retail trends online.

In conclusion, there are a lot of common problems that ecommerce sites can face, but these mistakes aren’t insurmountable! You just need to take some time and make small changes. If you want your site visitors to feel confident about their purchases, then you have to provide them with lots of social proof and an easy-to-navigate experience. And when they’re ready to buy something, make the checkout process as uncomplicated as possible. In addition – don’t forget about the importance of targeting the right audience with multiple marketing methods. If these problems resonate with you, make sure that you have these top ecommerce essentials! Learn more about eCommerce – contact Anveto Marketers.

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